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Sarah Dollar asked 3 years ago

Dear Kristin,
I am in the middle of a mentorship, however, I feel I have a story strong enough to interest an agent (v.exciting!). Obviously the sensible thing to do would be to wait until early next year, when my mentorship finishes. Hopefully by then I’ll have a few more equally strong stories to fall back on. Do you agree with that plan? Would agents be interested in the fact that I am doing/will have done a mentorship?

Thank you for your time


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Kristin Ostby Staff answered 3 years ago

Are you revising with your mentor? If so, I would absolutely wait until you’re finished to submit. You want to go out with the strongest story possible! Knowing that you’ve workshopped a novel via a mentorship is always a great thing, yes. Thanks, and looking forward to your query coming my way!