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Find Me

Find Me

A twisty, edge-of-seat, contemporary thriller which introduces a feisty new protagonist – hacker Wick Tate. This is a riveting GIRL WITH A DRAGON TATTOO for teens.

Wick Tate knows the good life with her new foster parents can’t last. Not when her criminal father could show up at any time. Not when she’s shadowed 24/7 by the detective who let her dad slip away once before. And not when she’s a hacker, breaking the law to help women avoid her mother’s fate – and to make a few bucks. Wick’s so sure she and her little sister Lucy will be moving on again that she doesn’t even bother to unpack.
But then one morning Wick finds a mysterious package on the doorstep. It’s addressed to her, and contains a journal in the handwriting of Tessa Waye – a girl with whom she used to be friends. Inside the book is a note: FIND ME.

Wick knows trouble when she sees it. But the journal is just the beginning, for when Wick gets to school she discovers that Tessa killed herself just a few hours ago and no one knows why. Not even Griff, the talented artist who’s sat one table over from Wick for years and turns out to have a few secrets of his own.

She’d love to walk away, but Wick knows her hacking skills make her the only person who can work out what happened to Tessa – and stop the same thing ever happening to another girl. Especially when the next kid in the frame is the most important person in her life – her very own sister, Lucy . . .

Rights details

US/Canada: HarperCollins (Fall 2013)
UK/Commonwealth: Simon and Schuster Children\'s Books (Fall 2013)
Taiwan: TTV Cultural Enterprise Ltd
Germany: CBJ (Random House)
Turkey: Pegasus
Brazilian Portuguese: Globo Livros

Film/TV rights: Co-agented by Sally Willcox at CAA

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